A Finnish innovation – a product family developed by a Finnish skincare clinic

As a long practising cosmetician, I have wanted to a see a product range that combines efficiency, safety, and Finnish quality for years now. After much thinking and talking, we started developing a range that is suitable for all skin types, for both men and women, is safe and usable together with devices that can be found at each beauty salon, or can be used to the fullest even without any equipment together with a planned treatment programme/massage.

Efficiency. The current product range features cleaning products, a toner, a day cream, and a face mask. The most important product is the serum which comes in two potencies, one for clinic and salon treatments and the other for use by clients at home. The product ingredients are as effective and absorbent as possible, and with higher concentrations. More information about the ingredients and their quantities can be found on our website.

Safety. Although the products are made using potent ingredients, safety has not been compromised. Thanks to their scent-free formulas, our products can be used by people with the most sensitive skin types. During the manufacturing I learnt that it is possible to remove the scents of raw materials by using odour removing chemicals. The products in our family give off the scents of the raw materials, as we have not tried to remove any odours with such chemicals.

Domesticity. Staying domestic is important for us. Our products are made in Helsinki, and have all been awarded the Key Flag Symbol to certify that they have been made in Finland.

First treatments have been administered at the Turku clinic, and will begin in Helsinki next week.

The next post will be a treatment description with before and after pictures of our customers.