The IN17 skincare range has been developed to meet the needs of cosmetic salons and skincare clinics. The products in the range were born out of the passion of cosmetician Petra Nuortio-Katajisto, a long-time entrepreneur in the business and the founder of skincare clinic Ihoklinikka Nuortio, to bring high-quality and scent-free skincare products onto the market.

The launching of the range took place during the Finland 100 centenary, because choosing a skincare product made in Finland helps support Finnish work and employment. IN17 products are made in Helsinki, and have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol. By choosing products with the Key Flag Symbol, you can be sure that the product has been made in Finland and employs Finnish people.

A product range developed by a Finnish skincare clinic – when passion meets technology.

IN17 originated in Nuortio-Katajisto’s and nurse-cosmetician Jaana Piesanen’s strong interest in effective skincare products. There is a clear demand for effective, quickly absorbed, and high-quality skincare products. More and more people are looking for visible results, and those can be achieved by using Deep Effect cosmetics.

The most benefit from IN17 products can be gotten by combining them with IN17 Deep Effect skincare treatments and skincare clinics and cosmetic salons. The products restore and calm down the skin, supporting the skin’s own functions in a safe manner. The products are only available via professionals. This way you can be sure to always get the right product for your skin.