Are IN17 Skincare products natural cosmetics?

They are not. IN17 Skincare products contain only clean and well-studied effective ingredients. This makes the products safe, effective, and skin friendly. It allows us to minimise allergic reactions and hypersensitivities.

Do the products contain colours or scents?

All IN17 Skincare products are scent-free. The fresh and clean odour of the products is caused only by the ingredients. No odour removing chemicals or colours have been used either.

Where are the products made?

Our products are made in Helsinki. Product development and testing takes place at skincare clinics in Turku and Helsinki together with skincare professionals.

Can I buy and order your products online?

No you cannot. IN17 products are not available online or at department stores. Our products can only be obtained via trained skincare professionals.

How can I smooth out my lines and furrows?

For skin revitalisation, I recommend using IN17 Skincare Deep Effect serum and Deep Effect Cream Mask regularly.  Combined with IN17 microneedling treatments at a clinic, results are guaranteed.

How to treat a sensitive and allergic skin? It is red and reacts easily.

By using IN17 treatment products at home. The Deep Effect day cream protects, strengthens, and calms down the skin. The peach kernel oil, vitamin C, and stem cell extract included in the product make your skin stronger. This product gives your skin an antioxidising shield. I recommend having an IN17 Sensitive facial at a salon or clinic.

What is a stem cell extract?

A stem cell extract supports the stem cells in the skin. The stem cell extract used in IN17 products comes from seaweed.

How does vitamin A act on the skin?

The vitamin A in the IN17 products cleans, smoothens, and brightens the skin. Vitamin A brings a freshness and glow onto your skin when used as a regimen.  It can also be used to treat pigmentation problems. Vitamin A can sensitise your skin to UV-radiation, so we recommend temporary regimens only.

Do the products contain preservatives?

The amount of preservatives in the products has been minimised. All of the used preservatives are researched and safe.