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All IN17 products are excellently suited for device treatments at skin clinics and beauty salons. The complete selection of high-quality home care products included in the range will maintain a healthy skin in between treatments and every day of the year.

All products contain only the cleanest and most carefully selected ingredients. The products are manufactured in Finland with no perfumes, colours, or scent removers. The clean cream base of the range does not increase the bacterial growth on the skin, but rather offers the best protection. All products in the range are suitable for men, women, sensitive allergic skin types, and the thin skin around the eyes.

The most innovative ingredient of the IN17 products is the stem cell extract. It is obtained from seaweed, and it has been found to support the action of the skin’s own stem cells and to reinvigorate the skin. The stem cell extract can be found in the Deep Effect serum and toner.

The Deep Effect serum also contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which binds moisture into the skin. Combined with e.g. needling treatments or radio frequency treatments, this product guarantees results in skin renewal, line care, or the treatment of acne scars.

The other serum in the range contains vitamin A. It is a strong ingredient for the treatment of furrows and pigmented skin. Those with an oily skin can find relief in the Deep Effect Vitamin A Gel. It renews and brightens up the skin, evening out impurities. By combining the products with LED treatments available at skincare salons and clinics, guaranteed results can be achieved even in the treatment of inflamed acne. The vitamin A serum is an excellent choice for the maintenance of the results achieved by and LED treatment.

An effective skincare regime at home or at a clinic is always completed with the application of the Cream Mask, which calms and deeply moisturises the skin. The aloe vera and peach kernel oil contained in the product give the skin plenty of softness and soothing. The product can also be used as a night cream thanks to its rich consistency. A small amount of the product is lightly rubbed onto the skin every night.

When you need clearly visible and safe results for your skin – the IN17 Deep Effect products are your best choice.