Treatment story

DEF Wrinkle treatment
I administered a revitalising facial treatment for my customer using IN17 Skincare Deep Effect products. The customer’s skin is already aged, showing furrows and signs of a loss of elasticity. The purpose of the treatment plan therefore is to administer several of these revitalising facial treatments. This is the first session.

We begin with an initial clean-up using Cleansing Foam, which will effectively remove all impurities and applied make-up. The foam also let me gently remove all eye make-up. My customer fell in love with the cleaning product, because it felt so soft and because it is very convenient to clean all make-up with a single product. After the cleaning, we did an enzyme peeling of the face and neck. The IN17 Enzyme Peel removes flaking and dead skin without causing mechanical irritation. You let the peel sit for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off. After the peel is rinsed, I can already see that my customer’s face is a lot brighter.

The next phase of the treatment is to pat the treatment toner on the face. The toner adds the finishing touch to the cleaning, but is also the first moisturising product. The hyaluronic acid included in the toner absorbs a lot of moisture, thereby lowering any small lines in the skin of the facial area.

After the face has been cleaned, we point a red biostimulating LED light at the customer’s face. A red LED light will increase the skin’s collagen production, effectively revitalising skin functions. The customer gets to enjoy 20 minutes of this, and can maybe even take a small nap while listening to relaxing music.

After the LED, the soothing and nourishing Deep Effect Cream Mask is spread on the face and neck. The mask is left to sit for 15 minutes. My customer’s skin is so dry that the mask had been almost fully absorbed during this time. This mask is a double-action product at home and works as a night cream, meaning that it can be left on after a facial to act as a nourishing final cream. Now I am however wiping off the rest, because I want to apply a vitamin A treatment gel and a lighter day cream to finish the treatment.