Treating acne with LED light

Acne and skin types prone to inflammations can be challenging to treat. It is important to not spread the inflammation during the treatment. The skin surface and the inflamed pimples must not be broken with the treatment. LED light (blue light, approx. 460 nm) has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that even the most sensitive skin with acne can be treated in a safe and hygienic manner. It has been scientifically proven that blue LED light decreases the bacterial strain living on the skin.

We have carried out successful LED light treatments for impure skin with acne. We combine our treatments with IN17 Skincare products to cleanse the skin and to support the anti-inflammatory effect. Deep Effect Cleansing Foam is a gentle foam cleaner that can be used to effectively remove excess impurities from the skin. The treatment uses the Deep Effect Vitamin A Gel after the LED light. Vitamin A is an effective skin renewer that also alleviates inflammations of the skin. Vitamin A can be used to prevent possible scarring caused by inflammations.